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Friday, September 9, 2011

Web Designing and SEO

The website should be designed keeping in mind W3 standards.This technique of designing a website helps in ranking the site with popular search engines.W3 stands for world wide web consortium.The consortium is working to standardize the web.For designing a website you should prefer a valid HTML and CSS.When you start designing a website you should focus on both the layout as well as the content of the site.The design of the layout should be simple and attractive.

In search engine optimization the content of the website plays a major role.You should keep the content simple and include keyword phrases which you want to optimize.You should have a basic idea of the HTML tags used for search engine optimization while designing a website.

There are several important tags that go into HTML code.These tags are invisible to the user browsing the website but are used by search engines.While designing you should keep in mind that you include these tags in every page of your website.

For a better and successful SEO you should know your customer.

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