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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SEO in with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and SEO are incomplete without the other. When these two are made to work together then the result is said to be more effective for your business or your customer. Content plays a big role on whether you succeed or whether your business is left behind.

Right from the beginning of your social media campaign, you should also look at it from a SEO point of view. You need to know your keywords for your business and your customer as you optimize photos, videos and bio information in your profiles, URL names and more. These keywords you can get from a thorough research depending on the requirement of your business or your customer. You should target the exact words on which you want your product/services to be searched by the customers. You need to have a thorough research in order to carry out the search media marketing campaign. Nowadays, you cannot look at social media without thinking about SEO and vice versa.

Why does it matter?

It has been revealed from market research that both search as well as social media plays an important impact. Online buyers rely on a healthy mix of search and social media throughout the purchasing process. Take a look at what buyers think as important:

So you need to very clear that social media plays an important role otherwise your business will truly suffer. The benefits of incorporating social and search features onto your website will grow your business because of the increase in online/offline word of mouth recommendations. This will surely help to open a interaction with potential customers that you would never reach by just using traditional marketing.

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