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Saturday, December 10, 2011

webOS : an open source project

HP has decided to continue webOS as an open source project. Now webOS is following the similar path that Android did. By open-sourcing it, HP will give other manufacturers the opportunity to use the platform in their devices.

This decision of HP will not only enhance the use of its webOS with other tablet manufactures, but also gives a chance of increasing its presence in the tablet market. Lack of apps was the biggest problem that webOS was facing till now as compared to its competitor like android, iOS. So webOS has to overcome this problem and regain the trust of third party developers.

It will be interesting to see if the open source of webOS can attract new interests from third party developers. It is both the ending and the beginning of the operating system.It is expected to be the best move for webOS to make it live in the competitive market. As we can see google is investing a lot on android OS for tablets as an open source project.

Hope it works well for the company and it could attract developers as an open source project. The android and Apple’s iOS dominate the smartphone landscape and at this point of time the webOS bet makes sense. By open sourcing webOS lets hope that HP can find a following for the mobile platform. This arrangement of the company with open source community will give other developers to work in it and keeping the webOS live in the market.


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