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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Apple IPad vs Android Tablet

Tablet PC
The Apple IPad is facing a lot of competition from android operated tablets in the market.Companies like Samsung,Motorola,Dell and others have all adopted android for there range of tablet PC.With a market research on both these products my view on this is that an android tablet is far better choice than an Apple IPad in matter of functionality and variety.To get onto this conclusion I have taken these two points into consideration.

When you come to screen size of both the platforms you will find that the IPad will come in a fixed size whereas you will get a wide range of screens to choose from in an android based tablet.The various sizes available are 7,9,10 inches tablets and even bigger size in future.

Another point which is taken into consideration between the two is multitasking.As the multitasking of IPad is somehow limited you can say.With this we can say a switch tasking and limited amount of background processing, whereas an android tablet has a true multitasking support.You can work on too many programs at a time.

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