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Monday, October 10, 2011

Internet-Article Marketing

Article marketing is a kind of marketing in which businesses write small articles related to there industry.These articles are then distributed and marketed in the online media. Each article has a bio box and byline (collectively known as the resource box) that include references and contact information for the author's business. A Well-written articles released for free distribution have the potential to increase the business credibility within its market. A well written article helps in increasing new customers.These articles are linked to various websites and search engines so that can be reached to thousands of new customer's.Internet article writing is an attempt to promote product and services via online article directories.Article directories with good page rank can get good number of new visitors.
Internet marketers maximize there article advertising campaign by submitting there directories to number of well page rank directories.However, article advertising makes use of article directories as a free host and receives traffic by way of organic searches due to the listing's search engine authority.

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