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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Internet Marketings

A term used for marketing over the internet.Technically it is the promotion of products and services over the internet.An electronic media promotion to reach the right customers over the internet.
Internet users are increasing day by day as such internet marketing has become an important aspects of companies to reach their customers over the internet.It involves various online advertisements to drive traffic.It involves various strategies used to market product or services online.SEO,SEM,Email marketing etc play an important part on the success of internet marketing.Constantly new strategies is being devised to drive the traffic and promote sales.It is becoming increasingly important among business houses who want to reach world wide customers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

What is SEO

Search engine optimization builds traffic of your site. It can be termed as a set of activities and methods for improving the reach of a site.Search engine have an algorithm to sort and reach websites. Websites which accomplished these algorithm with highest relevancy reaches the top spot on search result with a search engine.There are certain basic rules for performing SEO and it is approached differently with a common goal.
Simply it is a technique of helping the site be found by search engines for keywords relevant to your site.It will help you in reaching the right people for your site as well will help you getting ranked with search engines.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Search Engine Optmization

Regarded as one of an essential method for a productive internet marketing.There are several search engines but 3 very much demanding and well adopted by user's are Google,Yahoo and Bing.For a customer oriented internet marketing your site has to reach these search engine.These search engines have algorithms to reach the content of website's.As the term suggest's it is a method to optimize the content of a particular website to reach the search engines.
This will include change's in the HTML source code and the content of a site.Seo tactics need to be incorporated while designing and developing a website.
There are various tools both online and offline adopted for optimizing the site.The main purpose of SEO is to make the site's visibility to search engines.